Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Hello! There have been so many things going on lately. We had two really great shows this past weekend. Friday night at El Corazon in Seattle with Muzzle! Man, we love those guys and hope to play with them as much as possible. Saturday night we played at the Kickstand Cafe in Tacoma. This was a fun little show with Matthew Shaw and Turn Around. We rocked really hard in a very small space, so it was a lot of fun!

We have a lot of shows coming up and a lot of shows in the works. I hope many of you can catch us when we're on the road with Last Conservative from Buffalo, New York. It should be a good time.

We'd like to thank the ever-so-lovely Three Imaginary Girls and Lisa Wood for giving us some radio play on KEXP the other day. We love the Three Imaginary Girls with all our hearts.

Well kids, that's about it for now. Take care of each other.

posted by the conversation heart at 10:33 AM