Tuesday, June 21, 2005
We're back from our short regional tour and it went pretty well. It's nice to get the first tour out of the way. Last Conservative was great, check them out if you get a chance. Our show at the Redmond Firehouse was a blast with Dolour, who is always fabulous.

We have a few shows coming up in July. We have a 21+ show at the Chop Suey in Seattle on July 12, followed by the Bite of Seattle on Sunday, July, 24! We're playing the KISS 106.1 stage! The Caesars are playing too, so it should be a real hoot and a holler. It will be the largest stage that our little band has ever played on, so come out and witness the rock....oh yeah, be there no later than 6:30! They're on a tight schedule at the event and it's FREE! So that means you're all on the guestlist....and if that's not enough to get you down, we'll be rolling out some new songs. Being an outdoor festival, we have to watch our language on stage, we welcome any suggestions for a word to replace "Bitches" in "Candy Bitches". There may be some issues with some of the new songs and our smart mouths, but whatever.

I hope to see as many smiling faces at the upcoming shows :)

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