Wednesday, December 29, 2004
so, the show at the crocodile was completely radical. thanks to those who came out, it was a huge success! math & physics club proved to be an awesome band and also very nice people. look out for them in the near future. treasure state ruled also, it was kind of a strange situation, they were really good, so i thought we should be opening for them, but hey, that's how it goes i guess. three imaginary girls ( ) were very nice and great hostesses. happy birthday liz!

i hope everyone is doing really well and that the holidays treated you all very well.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
hello! things have been pretty rockin' for us lately. lots of shows, in fact, lots of rad shows. here's the rundown, in case you're keeping score at home...

december 13: The Rainbow - Seattle
december 15: SPU Radio Show - Seattle / 3-5pm /
december 18: All Ages Show - Bainbridge Island
december 28: The Crocodile - seattle
january 3: The Rendezvous - seattle
january 13: EMP Liquid Lounge

more to come....
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